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Readers Respond: What's your favorite modern building?

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Of all the buildings constructed since 1900, which is your favorite? What makes your favorite modern building special? Have you visited the building? Or, do you admire the building from afar, looking at photos and drawings? Tell us your favorite

The Barcelona Pavillion

This building is the epitomy of modern design. The viewer is always intrigued. It looks exposed and open to all, yet it is full of hidden mystery. Is it the reflections of the glass on the water or the water on the glass that keeps you wondering what lies beyond? The genius of Van der Rohe has bought together glass, stainless steel, polished marble and water to form absolute perfection.
—Guest Dqwn Underwood

Miller House in Columbus

The Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana has been widely acclaimed as a modernist masterpiece by Eero Saarinen.
—Guest Saarinen Fan

Flat roofs?

I like the style but worry about flat roofs and leaking in the future--can they hold large snow loads?
—Guest Jack

V.C. Morriss Shop, Maiden Ln., San Franc

Prior to 1955 before the building had wear and tear, the shop was a hidden diamond, just off of Union Square in San Francisco. A Frank Lloyd Wright gem.
—Guest Jack Marshall

Chrysler Building New York City

Nothing is more beautiful than the spire of this building
—Guest smc


Frank Wright's Fallingwater remains my favorite modern building, not just on the base of aesthetics, but I appreciate the soothing romance he conjured between the built and the natural environments.
—Guest Unyime ibok

Hydro Building in Toronto

Formerly the Ontario Hydro Building, this glass sheathed structure is a curved rectangle with no other ornamentation. It literally reflects its entire neighbourhood including Queen's Park and buildings on the University of Toronto campus. See photo: http://torontopics01.blogspot.com/2008/10/silver-city.html
—Guest Carol S.

Best Modern Buildings

A building can take any shape provided it satisfies the function, structure and beauty. It should reflect the period, the technology and the changed society. I liked all modern buildings like Louvre in Paris, St. Marys Axe in London, Burj Al Khalifa, extension to Guggenheim Museum etc. Hi come and go along with developments and new needs. ~Prof.Abraham
—Guest P.S.Abraham

FAVOURITE buildings

FLW: Wax Factory in Racine; Aalto: Town Hall in Finland; Johnson: Glass House in Connecticut; Mies: Seagram Tower in New York; Corbusier: Marseilles Unite and Ronchamp; Piano: Kansai Airport; Calatrava: Quadacci Pavilion in Milwuakee and Sirens Chapel, Otaniemi, Helsinki; Utzon: Sydney Opera House. (10)
—Guest dr Russell WALDEN

to "honest"

You have to remember something. The very first shelters were not rectangular. There are many examples of structures that were built thousands of years ago, non-rectangular, and survive today. Rectangular-shaped structures were built and still are being built because i'ts faster, not necessarily long lasting. "Honest", you got to remember, architecture is all about experimentation. Especially when it comes to building shelters, be it for home or business. I'm for whatever shape that protects the occupants from environmental factors. Don't get me wrong, it should look good, too!
—Guest ceem

Postmodern architecture is abominable

Postmodern architecture is an abomination. Period. A building should look like a building, not a glass egg or Christmas ornament.
—Guest Honest

Padre Pios Church in Italy

Padre Pios is conceived as a big gathering place with modern technology using stone and glass. More info: http://goitaly.about.com/od/pugliaapulia/qt/padre_pio.htm
—Guest padre pios church

Our own house

My favorite modern building is the house I live in.
—Guest Marvinlee

Cincinnati Union Terminal

I love Cincinnati Union Terminal and arch construction and all the mosaics. The exterior gets me every time. Link: http://www.cincymuseum.org/explore_our_sites/union_terminal/presentation.asp. Whether you're just driving by or walking in the front or wandering inside, it's an experience. It takes you back to a simple time where there were big ideas.
—Guest Michael E

Nothing new under the sun but perception

Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas may be the best example of modern architecture's ability to innovate within a valued historical tradition, using both modern and timeless technologies and materials to merge building program, context and situational constraints into a seamless, near-perfect vision. Web link: http://www.thorncrown.com/
—Guest David Metcalf

Tell us your favorite

What's your favorite modern building?

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