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Readers Respond: What's your favorite building by Antoni Gaudí?

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No one in the world designs like the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Do you have a favorite building by Gaudí?

Casa Milá

I've seen Gaudí's work in person, and, although his Sagrada Familia cathedral and Parq Guell are amazing, Casa Milá was the most beautiful.
—Guest Wanda

Casa Batlló

The "Casa Batlló" is characterized by its vivid colors and its fluidity. I love how Gaudí used waves and curves to recreate an ocean setting. Even the walls are designed to avoid right angles and hard, straight lines. The use of color is great! Also, the roof is designed in a way to represent a dragon's scaly and curved back, with the chimney in place to evoke a sword transfixing the dragon. I am enchanted by the symbolism Gaudí used in his buildings!
—Guest Cesar Rojas

La Pedrera

The building has a flowing, artistic quality that is pleasing to view.
—Guest Wanda Kimbro

La Pedrera

It's the La Pedrera Building...This is due to its aesthetic elevational approach and its beautifully designed storey-slabs.
—Guest Raphael okondor

Sagrada Familia

A few years ago I had the option of attending a conference in Barcelona and jumped on it. How could I pass up a chance to see Gaudi's work in person!? After the conference I spent a week visiting all of Gaudi's buildings as well as other museums and parks etc. I think the Sagrada Familia was my favorite although I loved even the pavement I walked on which reflected Gaudi. Gaudi, who was a devout Catholic, began the work on the cathedral in 1883, but was unable to finish prior to his death in 1926 and even now it is not yet finished. Unlike many churches, it survived during the Spanish Civil War, when many churches were burned. What makes it stand out is that each side of it has been done by a different artist. It combines a Modernista style with Gothic elements. Each side is different. My favorite is the juxtaposition of angular sculptures in the Passion Facade by Josep Maria Subirach above the west entrance of the cathedral with Gaudi's work juxtaposed on an adjoining side.
—Guest Kate

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