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Readers Respond: What's your favorite building by Frank Gehry?

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From the article: Buildings by Frank Gehry
The twisted metallic buildings by Frank Gehry have been called radical, playful, organic, and sensual. Do you have a favorite building by the controversial architect? Tell us what you like about the work of Frank Gehry.

Disney Concert Hall

I saw it when there were construction barricades still in place and it still knocked my socks off. I was an architectural designer (outside of the box) and part of my resume reads "trying to figure out how Gehry does what he does." The other work is great, Disney is spectacular!
—Guest mossboss4

Fave by Frank

1) External:Guggenheim, Bilbao. The titanium changes color and shape with every step around it. Gorgeous and beautifully situated. 2) Interior: theatres at Bard. Totally fascinating applications.
—Guest Carolina Medina


It's incredibly beautiful both outside and in. Also inside the hall feels like it's outside.
—Guest Linda UH

Weisman Art Museum

Located on the University of Minnesota's East Bank Campus, the Weisman's signature facade sits on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. It is also currently undergoing expansion, widening Gehry's artistic fingerprint on the large and prestigious campus.
—Guest Guest

Paper-bag architecture

Most Sydneysiders would not yet be aware of this new design.. for a courageous tertiary business school campus located on the edge of the city. When the engagement of Gehry was announced about 12 months ago, the local institute of architects (ever parochial) suggested that an overseas architect in his eighties was a risk...some in Sydney have recently suggested the new facade looks like a discarded paper bag..this new building is in an area of old produce markets; there is little of any civic or university architecture surrounding it that challenges, beyond the ever-efficient developers square box in safe/ careful curtainwall float-glass facades. At last we will have something exciting and challenging in a city bereft of much in the way of inspirational design; with the rare exception of the extraordinary Sydney Opera House (but we managed to get rid of that architect, and ruin his career in the process) and a Renzo Piano and a couple of Norman Fosters. Bring on the outrage...
—Guest anthony williams

Gehry's House

My favorite building is Gehry's private house in Santa Monica. At the time that was built, the materials and design weren't common.

About Frank's Buildings

Frank Gehry's buildings are good....but some of his buildings seem to be the creation of a child's thinkings......but he has done a good job in his field.
—Guest aniey awan


Bilbao museum, the Guggenheim museum in Spain, completed in 1997.
—Guest muhsen zaki

"Fred and Ginger" Dancing Building

The "Fred and Ginger" Dancing building in Prague is one of my favorites by Frank Gehry.He challenges himself constantly as you can see by his more recent work. He combines styles, materials, and construction types. Never boring! Yet completely functional!
—Guest Tawny

IAC Building

I like the Disney Concert Hall because, at a distance, it looks like a Disney animation skyline of a city. However, the IAC building is my personal favorite. It's unusual, but still bears some resemblance to traditional a office building. I've worked in so many boring office buildings for so many years. This one looks like it would be a pleasure to enter, if I had to work there. Its clever curving and non-curving walls would wake me up every morning!
—Guest Tunizia

Disney Hall

The geometric patterns jetting into the skyline remind me of the Sydney Opera. Only there is no sea to complement the visual. But at the same time, I think about the sky as the sea. The Disney Hall is inverted. While the Sydney is symmetrical, the Disney's geometry is asymmetrical and dictated by function. It is fun to read about Gehry's design and concepts, as they engage my mind vigorously.
—Guest gabriel

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Form follows function...function also followed the form in this case!!!
—Guest pooja soparkar

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