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Modular and Manufactured Homes

Readers Respond: What's your favorite house style, and why do you love it?

Responses: 33


From the article: Favorite House Styles
Some people love romantic Queen Anne architecture, others prefer cozy Bungalows. Out of all the styles to choose from, what's your favorite? Why do you love it? Tell us your favorite house style.

Not sure? For ideas, browse our Picture Dictionary of House Styles.

Feeling creative? Draw a picture or use graphics software to create a rendering of your dream house. Submit your dream house design.

Dutch Colonial

I like the dutch colonial revival with the gambrel roof, and also the standard colonial revival.
—Guest gary p.

Give Me a Ranch

I love the classic Raised Ranch. The home can be small in square footage but has potential to be designed in such a way that it feels bigger.
—Guest Sandra

Eastlake Style

This late Victorian house style is found all over New Orleans. It's named after the British architect Charles Locke Eastlake, a furniture maker known for detailed woodwork. Eastlake houses have these fancy details. Very beautiful. [Note: edited response]


I love Victorian homes. They remind me of classy old ladies wearing pearls. I have no use for modern homes with plastic siding and three-car garages attached.
—Guest Kami

Federalist Style House

The look of size is impressive in itself but the appearance of sturdiness and durability says home. Even Katrina couldn't blow this house down.
—Guest Greg

My Bestest House Style!

Bungalow Style- Especially the little ones with those big single entry style door. I also love the Double Dutch door style!
—Guest Wet behind.... the ears

Greek Revival

Greek Revival is American architecture at its best--a style that is distinctly American for Americans. Chaste and classical, while formal and informal, yet beautiful and timeless are just a few of its many attractive qualities.
—Guest marco polo

Victorian/Beaux Arts

I love Victorian and Beaux Arts styles. I love anything that has to do with the turn of the century from 1890-1925. Houses don't have that type of class anymore and I just want a historic mansion with all the ornate woodwork and class of that time.
—Guest Beau Dalton


My favorite style is mainly traditional mixed with quite a bit of natural. I'm not exactly sure why I like this style, I just do.
—Guest Josh


My favorite style is Victorian. Especially Richardson Romanesque. I live in Louisville KY, which was known as "the city of beautiful homes" in the early 1900s. This style looks imposing and stately. The ornate woodwork and large rooms are timeless. Unfortunately cost of materials and labor (and skilled craftsman ) make it almost impossible to recreate these awesome homes.
—Guest Ray Cook

Folk Victorian For The Win

My favorite has to be Folk Victorian. It has the romantic opulence of the Queen Anne (particularly the front porch), with the down-to-earth qualities of a Federal.

Favorite house style

I am a retired architectural designer. My favorite style is Craftsman...followed closely by FLLW Prairie
—Guest madlilviking

Craftsman Bungalow

My favorite house style is CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW because of the quaint simplicity and the nostalgic feel.
—Guest Lisa

My favorite style

I love minimalism!! It is special because it is similar to my lifestyle, very simple!!


I absolutely love the Spanish-Mediterranean-Pueblo-Missionary type houses. They have a beautiful tropical warm appearance with a comfortable "at home" feel. It's like living a dream.
—Guest Kat

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