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Readers Respond: What's your favorite castle?

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From the article: Top 10 Romantic Castles
Do you love castles? What's your favorite? Where is it, and what makes it special? Have you visited the castle? Or, do you admire it from afar, looking at photos and drawings? Name your favorite castle

Harlech Castle, Wales

Built for Edward I, this seems to me the most beautiful castle. I was there in 1990, and was impressed with the architects attention to aesthetics. There are beautiful little molding details around windows and doors, and the stones set in the battlement walkway form parallel lines to the walls. Maybe there was a practical reason for this, to line up soldiers or something, but my impression, and it was a strong one, was that it was done simply to be pleasing to look at. My favorite castle.
—Guest Emmie

Herrenchiemsee Castle

I like Herrenchiemsee castle near Augsburg, Germany the best. King Ludwig the fourth knew beauty when he saw it.

A castle-like "Elza's Dacha"

Not exactly a castle, but very similar! A castle-like building in Pyatigrosk, Russia. Marvelous! See it at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/5g_journal/4881766151/
—Guest 5g_jouirnal

Hohenzollern Castle

The best castle I have seen so far is the Hohenzollern in Hechingen, Germany. Forget the Neuschwanstein! This one is way better!
—Guest Julia

Love this castle

Beaumaris Castle in Wales, built but never finished by Edward I. (See Beaumaris Castle at www.beaumaris.com.)
—Guest YES

Name your favorite castle

What's your favorite castle?

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