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Readers Respond: How do you save energy at your house?

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From the article: Build to Save Energy
You don't have to do a complete remodel to save energy. Even small changes can make a big difference in your utility bills. Have you found a way to save energy at your house? Share your tips

DIY will help to save costs

Building costs are major concern when someone starts planning an own home. Being a selfbuilder offers a lot – feeling of accomplishment, reduced building costs and gained experience. Building your own home can also be a nightmare. If you have a will and courage, but little knowledge about homebuilding, you might end up with budget spent right in the middle of building process. To avoid that, work harder before getting your mortgage fixed and buying the plot. Every minute you spend on planning and budgeting will save you time and money.
—Guest IK


I used biogas in my home. Biogas is produce from waste of animals, like dung in a confined tank fermenting and giving flammable gas for final use.
—Guest Bitew Bikale

Evaporative Cooling for AC

One trick is to re-route the cold water (condensate) line from my mini-split AC to drip the distilled water over the hot condenser coils, making the unit more efficient by using both the temperature change from cold water to hot coil temp, and then the heat of the phase change from liquid to gas as the water evaporates.
—Guest dgregory

Window Film

I used SB221 bronze film on the west facing windows of my home and installed fluorescent and LED lighting, as well as keeping things unplugged when not in use. Put in new weather stripping on all the doors.

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How do you save energy at your house?

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