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Readers Respond: How do you make your home peaceful?

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From the article: Relaxing Home Design
Your home is your sanctuary from outside worries and stresses. What makes your home restful? Is it the color of the walls? The placement of the windows? Have you found a way to create pleasing, soothing spaces? Share your tips

Bring Nature Indoors

Seeking peace begins most often in a tranquil place in nature which speaks to the seeker thereof. That said; take the essence of cool lighting or indirect sunlight and combine lush plants within the space. Add several fish tanks at eye level among the tall tropical plants. Provide comfortable relaxing furniture that invites you to take your shoes off and enjoy your surroundings. Turn on music with sounds of flowing water and soft classical instrumentals in the background or distant song birds. The color palette should possibly be on the natural earth tones side but bright to allow the lighting to interplay off the walls through the plants. Place beautiful pictures of nature or tranquil-peaceful scenes on the walls. Get an ice tea or lemonade and enjoy.

Draw the outside in (and vice-versa.)

In the spaces I create, I hope to inspire a care for nature and community, and for both to become integral to one another. I've found it to re-ignite the art of living. My goal in every design is to reinvigorate the want of coming home. Every design I create has a sight line to daylight and beyond; whether it's a window, door, or actual patio space. Optimally, the patio and back-yard/court-yard are visible from the point of entry and all of the adjacent rooms at that level and and drawing you to them. It's that draw to the outside that draws out the serenity in us all. - Reece Carter, Designed www.reececarter.com
—Guest Reece Carter, Designed

Lighting Can Make a Restful Home

I think lighting is one of the most important things that is used in interior design. I think side lighting in the home makes us feel peace, and side lighting in homes is better than direct lighting that comes from ceiling lamps.

Share your tips

How do you make your home peaceful?

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