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Readers Respond: What Are the World's Most Wonderful Buildings?

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From the article: Wonders of the World
Some buildings and structures are so grand, so ingenious, and so beautiful, they take your breath away. Of all the world's buildings and structures, ancient and modern, which one is the most wonderful? What makes it great?

Two Favorites

The Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral in France.
—Guest trinity

Wonderful Buildings

Burj Khalifa, One World Trade Center, Willis Tower, Chrysler Building, Pentominum, Imperial Towers, and Abraj al Bait are like that.
—Guest Samarth Bajpai

Kremlin, Moscow

Most beautiful building I have ever seen. Very glad that it was nominated, and now my school is doing a big project about the new 7 wonders.
—Guest Angelina

Taj Mahal

While the Pantheon is indeed a marvelous and still renowned piece of architecture, I feel the Taj Mahal is by far the most beautiful and impressive work of the ancient or even modern era. The scale and craftsmanship of this structure is just astounding for the times. I mean, just look at it!
—Guest Sam

The Parthenon in Greece

"The Parthenon" in Greece, with elegant fluted columns and classical balanced layout. This formidable structure was designed to impress and express the influence of religious rule and design in Greece at that period in history. The Parthenon in Greece was the influence for all classical architecture throughout England, Europe, America, and Australia.
—Guest Bernadette Johns

Pantheon, Rome

I nominate the Pantheon in Rome, the version built (or rebuilt) by the emperor Hadrian. The building has been in continuous use from its existence and according to Wikipedia, is the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome. The architecture has influenced and inspired many structures, such as Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda at the University of Virginia, which includes an oculus, the British Museum Reading Room, and other buildings. I had the pleasure of visiting it once and found the interior breathtakingly beautiful. It provided a sense of great serenity. With its oculus open to the skies and sunlight streaming in, I felt that I was in a most sacred place.
—Guest Bonnie Blades

World's most beautiful building

The Chrysler building in New-York City, for its magnificent Art Deco design and perfect proportions.
—Guest Pierre Besner

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