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Readers Respond: Favorite Architecture Gifts

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From the article: Top 10 Architecture Gifts
What's the best gift you've ever given - or received! - related to architecture or home design? Where did you find it? What made the gift special? Share your gift ideas

Architecture Toys for Grownups

I am disappointed. I expected a variety of building toys on this list and was a bit disappointed to see that it was 1-14 LEGO !!! LEGO is great, don't get me wrong, but there are a few products out there that need to also be considered. For example an architect or an engineer would really appreciate a toy block that has a bit more heft to them, are made of stone and are manufactured with extreme precision. I give you Anchor Stone Building Blocks. With thousands of shapes in the catalog and various colors of stone, a child or an adult hobbyist/ architecture fan can build limitless designs. www.ankerstein.de/index.php?lang=english These stone building blocks were introduced in the late 1800's and originally based on Friedrich Frobel's wooden free play building blocks. Frobel Gifts. An enthusiasts and fan website http://www.ankerstein.org/
—Guest Mike

From Designs to Reality

As an architect, seeing one's works grow from concept to reality is the best gift. Architects like FLW and others are remembered for their contributions to architecture and nature.
—Guest Erinle, Abim. O.

For Frank Lloyd Wright Enthusiasts

A fully paid trip to tour the FLW Fallingwater house would gladden many a budding architect's heart.

Favourite Architecture Gift

I think the best gift for an architect is praise for his done work, and if it's publicly acknowledged, there is nothing he would like more.
—Guest arch_advaar

Vacation to sea side

Although I am an Architect, I think the best gift you can give a professional colleague is a vacation to an island or seaside where he can appreciate nature to the fullest because of lots of thoughts that riot in their brains when doing designs.
—Guest Abiodun Olowoporoku

Book on Architecture of a Town

For a seasoned architect, a book about a town with interesting buildings that he/she is not familiar with would really be appreciated.
—Guest Lorenzana

Most Romantic Gift Ever

For our anniversary, my husband treated me to a night in a converted lighthouse. We stayed at the East Brother Light Station in Point Richmond, California. We went there by boat, toured the lighthouse, ate a huge dinner, and drank champagne. I'll never forget it!
—Guest Angelica

Never Too Old To Play

I'm not an architect, just someone who likes to make things, and I love those Lego construction sets. This year, I'm hoping to build the Guggenheim.
—Guest JustCallMeGeek

No, no, no

This is better described as gifts people think architects like. These are the gifts we open and are frustrated by. I can't think if a single architect who would rather have say, a Frank Lloyd Wright popup book from Costco, than a lesser know book that is relevant to their particular practice or research interests. The point is that you should ask them what they like, specifically, then make an appropriate selection. The same goes for Architecture vacations, or furniture, or anything else listed here. Even better, give them something that has nothing to do with their profession altogether, but that fits another of their interests, like camping gear or western novels.
—Guest anarchitect

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Favorite Architecture Gifts

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