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Readers Respond: What qualities make a great architect?

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From the article: Become an Architect!
  • "To be an architect, you have to be an optimist...You have to be a realist, but you have to be an optimist."
    ~Sir Norman Foster, Architect's Challenge: A Sliver of a Space, in the New York Times
  • "A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart."
    ~Frank Lloyd Wright, quoted in Visionaries: The 20th Century's 100 Most Inspirational Leaders by Satish Kumar, Freddie Whitefield

Now, it's your turn. What qualities do you think it takes to be a great architect? Optimism? Realism? Persistence? Insanity? Tell us!


An architect should be open-minded and use his skills to come up with a great idea.
—Guest comis chege


If you're not bold, unique or bright with your work then nobody will REALLY enjoy it and you won't get as many people buying your items. I'm in 8th grade now and I'm dying to become an architect so... Big... Out of the ordinary...Loud...Distinct.
—Guest Levin

Artist of the world, home, and life

A great architect must be detail-oriented, eco-friendly, and be able to design, thinking of every aspect in mind.
—Guest Monica M. Bermea

Open up to your surroundings

If you know what's going on around you, you shall become inspired. Always give the right job to the right guy and never quit.
—Guest Tyler

Creativity and realism

I believe an architect is definitely creative and has to be real at solving the problems on ground.
—Guest Teniola S.

Dont be a copycat!

I'm 16 and I think to be a Great Architect don't copy somone else's work. The Most UNIQUE and out-of-the-world shapes matter at all times!
—Guest Abdulmajid Mohamed


I think a good architect should be able to build a house first in his mind.


I am in the 6th grade and I have always wanted to be a architect. A wise man said once: The things with the worst appearance at first will turn out to be the most beautiful work that person has ever done.
—Guest dayton

Open-Minded and Attentive

I sincerely think that a good or great architect is one that is open-minded and very attentive to the space, age, and time that he or she finds, and be responsive to the yearning of their clients, so as to come up with a design that can positively respond to the clients' intended desire, and function effectively within a confined time and space, which is to a large extent beyond the architect's control. n
—Guest Ofoni Joseph

Want to be an architect

I am in grade 8 now and want to be an architect. I am great in arts also :D
—Guest Rakiya

be creative

A great architect to me should be able to perform the duties of creating and developing forms of structure that are functional to both man and nature.
—Guest rufus akinkugbe

Always Learning

I believe an architect ought to be like a baby, always curious to know more in depth even at 90 years of age, because many great architects die old.
—Guest Arthur Buki

good foresight

I think a great architect should design with the knowledge of both the present and the future... Good design comes out of good and adequate knowledge of the future..

Be the master

One last important thing in architecture.... Go beyond the limits... Imaginative limits, recreational and perceptive limits..... Don't be a normal jerk...... Be the master.
—Guest pravasith

Passion is everything

You must love what you do. If not, you will never be good.
—Guest Bernard Yap

Tell us!

What qualities make a great architect?

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