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Modular and Manufactured Homes

Readers Respond: What famous buildings are really dumb?

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From the article: 8 Silly Structures
Architects aren't perfect. Among the great museums, theaters, skyscrapers, and stadiums, there are some doozies. Maybe they're impractical, silly looking, or just plain dumb. What famous buildings are the dumbest?

National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos Nigeria

The building was built purposely to host the world Festival of Art & Culture tagged FESTAC '77....Aesthetically the building was good because it took the shape of a military cap (the rank of general), but the Comfortability & Functionality aspects of it were nowhere to be found -- no good ventilation & lightning system. In fact nobody could afford to stay indoors for an hour. It's not only funny but also a failure. Link: http://hospitalitynigeria.com/national_threate.php
—Guest Muhammed Hammed

EMP in Seattle

The Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle, Washington is another one of Frank Gehry's designs that is supposed to look like a smashed guitar, but is more of a blob.
—Guest Kathleen

Fun Architecture

These structures are fun pieces of architecture. I have been to some of the buildings listed in this article and they are memorable spaces to see or walk through. Some of them are inviting and I really do not think that some of them are so out of the ordinary.
—Guest Maria

Winchester Mansion, of course.

The stangest building in the world, in San Jose, California, has 4 floors, hundreds of stairs that don't go anywhere, and doors that don't lead anywhere.
—Guest Hodari

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