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From the article: What Is Architecture?
What is architecture? Even great architects don't agree. Can we call a simple cabin architecture? How about a war memorial? Tell us how you define the word architecture, and read the definitions posted by others.

Define Architecture


Architecture is an art, merged with science and technology, acquainted with history, nature, and the future- ARCAPA
—Guest sheikh ahsan

Imagination and Realism

Architecture is an imaginative conception graced with the realistic delivery in response to nature, history and behavioral pattern.
—Guest michael Gracebank

Art & Science

Architecture is the imaginative blend of art & science in the design of environments for people.
—Guest prasad


Architecture is life. We can design our life with the help of modern technology.
—Guest santhosh

What is Architecture?

Architecture is habitable sculpture. A fifty character minimum only leads to verbosity. So to meet the minimum I would add that habitable sculpture can be a building, structure, or landscape to experience.

Many Tasks, Many Roles

Architecture is the art and science of dynamic in theory and practice of design, erection, commission, maintenance, management and co-ordination of allied professional inputs such as architect, civil and structural engineer, surveyors, mechanical engineer and electrical engineers, thereto of building or part thereof and lay-out and master plans of building or group of building forming a comprehensive institutions, establishment or neighborhood as well as organized spaces required for human and any other structural activities.
—Guest Tijani najeem olugbon

Three Meanings

"Architecture" can mean: A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures. The art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures. The style and method of design and construction of buildings and other physical structures.
—Guest mukul anand

Every moment

Architecture is the every moment or our daily routine we go through in our daily life. It's like a universe, as its knowledge goes deeper.
—Guest anjali


Architecture follows different emotions of mankind. A created space gives aesthetically, functional and emotional values to mankind and also helps to create a more comfortable life cycle in respect to art, culture, sociology, aesthetics, and light.
—Guest Sanjay josshi


It is a designer's journey...when creative minds take the first step in creativity, architecture is born.
—Guest uotpng 11100284


Architecture is the science that deals with space . . . . . . .
—Guest hemin ar

Structure of a building

Architecture is designing a building with accuracy, beauty and function.
—Guest -eric lascano

Creative Science

Architecture is the equal balance of art and science to create beautiful adapted structures.
—Guest amieljamieson

Architecture Perspective

Architecture is the art and science of working from a master plan to build complex structures. (Buildings, planes, enterprises, communities, etc).


Architecture is an art, merged with science and technology, acquainted with history, nature, and the future- ARCAPA

Define Architecture

What Is Architecture?

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