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Readers Respond: What Is Architecture?

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From the article: What Is Architecture?
What is architecture? Even great architects don't agree. Can we call a simple cabin architecture? How about a war memorial? Tell us how you define the word architecture, and read the definitions posted by others.

Define Architecture

What is architecture?

i define architecture as a mixture of arts and science which involves planning, designing, and construction with the most available economic resource, with the intention of not terminating the future value of the resources to achieve a more purposeful work that suits different lifestyle, utility, and beauty.
—Guest Boniface Ekow Abakah


Architecture - Architecture is a hi-tech Culture of Art.
—Guest Mahesh Bangad

Definition of Architecture

Architecture is the designing of a building with accuracy, beauty, and function.

Meaning of Architecture

The meaning of architecture is planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures.

Special Purpose Architecture

Architecture means the monuments, temples, and other things built for special purposes.
—Guest mehak

Art Science

"Architecture is the art and science that deals with the designing & construction of buildings with durable materials, following certain canons in order to produce structures that are suited to their purpose, visually stimulating & are aesthetically pleasing."

Abstractions and Models

Architecture is the use of abstractions and models to simplify and communicate complex structures and processes to improve understanding and forecasting.
—Guest Ahmed Umar Prince

Defination of architecture

architecture is a science and art of designing space to occupy function.
—Guest muh'd saleh nasado

Schizoid Act

Architecture is a schizoid act. It involves reducing the world to a piece of paper.
—Guest osegbo brenda


Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings.
—Guest olaitan

Defination of Architecture

(1). Architecture is a mixture of art and science. (2). Architecture is the beauty of a building.
—Guest Architect haider ali


Architecture is the process of creating livable spaces: ideated or visual for man's benefits with the most available economic resources, with the intention of not terminating the future value of the resources.
—Guest Ejeng Ukabi

Architecture Means....

Architecture is a designer work that is art, where we can have different lifestyles, i think.
—Guest shilpa


Architecture is the art which seeks to harmonize in building the requirements of utility and beauty.
—Guest Roopesh Kumar .K

Purposeful Design

Architecture is something that constrains the design of a subject and its components to achieve one or more purposes.
—Guest John Pederson

Define Architecture

What Is Architecture?

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