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Readers Respond: Have you ever used architecture software?

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Have you ever used a home design program or other architecture software? Do you have a favorite software program? Have you tried a software program that didn't work out? Tell us the good and the bad. Send a review!


When I re-created my apartment, someone told me that I can draw a 3D floor plans in some design software. I found Floorpad and I really like it. Drawing the floor plans was simple and I quickly learned it. You can try it out at www.floorpad.com


I have bought a few home design programs before, but for me they are hard to understand. I am trying to find something that is easy to use, but does what I want. What I want/look for is something that I can use to design my dream house, with the price of materials or that I can put in the price, a list of materials and how many. Something that will show a 3D picture of the what I am making. Something that is very easy to use, but effective. Something that I can put in all the fixtures and wiring, hvac, plumbing, etc. Something that will walk me through step-by-step 1,2,3, etc on how to build. If you could help me that would be great. Also, not expensive either. The cost under $20.00 USA dollars.
—Guest josh

Other free software

Sweet Home 3D is very good and totally free. It's available from Sourceforge.net A minimal library of appliances, cabinets, etc. is included but the on-line help file gives links to additional libraries and tools. Very flexible. I 've been using the Mac version and it satisfies all my needs. It allows multi-level designs and a good 3D view of each level.
—Guest Bdog3

Visual Building 3d home design software

I think VisualBuilding software is the best. Try it yourself--there is a free trial download (the basic version is all I use) but you can trial the pro version, too www.visualbuilding.co.uk
—Guest Jack Kett

Punch SuperSuite

I have this program and like it, but the landscape elevation tool is hard to use and lacking. Overall it is a good program, but I would really like something more advanced. Any suggestions?
—Guest RS

PlanEasy2D - Another nice software

Intuitive and simple to draw floor plans, house, office and exit plans. Includes a collection of furniture and textures. Simple to draw the rooms and add doors/windows etc. Free trial at http://www.planandvisualize.com
—Guest VirtualRealty

Design Your Own House

I always wanted to design my own house but never found enough resources. Using a designing program like Sketchup is not good enough if you don't understand the principals of design just like architects or designers. So I found this website that explains it all: http://www.design-your-own-house.com
—Guest Sara Biluqwin

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Have you ever used architecture software?

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