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Modular and Manufactured Homes

Readers Respond: Have you ever used architecture software?

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Have you ever used a home design program or other architecture software? Do you have a favorite software program? Have you tried a software program that didn't work out? Tell us the good and the bad.

Never used software

Before we built our house, I bought some simple drafting tools and a thick pack of grid drafting paper (Clearpoint brandname) and began drawing. It worked just fine and drawing lines by hand and ruler allowed me more time to think. The house turned out just fine and we still live here.


If you need floor plans for your property just use peopleperhour.com

Design Software

If you're looking for an easy to use floor plan design software, Lucid Chart has a great one! Check it out today, to get started building your dream home! lucidchart.com

Site Plans

I fiddled with a couple of the softwares and ended up going to www.mysiteplan.com and they drew what I needed for me. I just gave them my address and they sent me a full site plan of my property.
—Guest Nancy J

Other free software

Sweet Home 3D is very good and totally free. It's available from Sourceforge.net A minimal library of appliances, cabinets, etc. is included but the on-line help file gives links to additional libraries and tools. Very flexible. I 've been using the Mac version and it satisfies all my needs. It allows multi-level designs and a good 3D view of each level.
—Guest Bdog3

Visual Building 3d home design software

I think VisualBuilding software is the best. Try it yourself--there is a free trial download (the basic version is all I use) but you can trial the pro version, too www.visualbuilding.co.uk
—Guest Jack Kett

Punch SuperSuite

I have this program and like it, but the landscape elevation tool is hard to use and lacking. Overall it is a good program, but I would really like something more advanced. Any suggestions?
—Guest RS

PlanEasy2D - Another nice software

Intuitive and simple to draw floor plans, house, office and exit plans. Includes a collection of furniture and textures. Simple to draw the rooms and add doors/windows etc. Free trial at http://www.planandvisualize.com
—Guest VirtualRealty

Design Your Own House

I always wanted to design my own house but never found enough resources. Using a designing program like Sketchup is not good enough if you don't understand the principals of design just like architects or designers. So I found this website that explains it all: http://www.design-your-own-house.com
—Guest Sara Biluqwin

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