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Readers Respond: Charities for Building & Design

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So many charities send out requests for contributions, it's hard to know which which to choose. Do you know an organization, agency, or volunteer group that does especially wonderful work rebuilding homes and communities? Use this page to tell us about your favorite charities for building and design services.

Where do you give?


LET'S CLEAN USA NONPROFIT - The volunteers are doing a wonderful job on helping the community before and after a disaster hit. I'm very proud to be a donator and volunteer.
—Guest Tony

Islamic Council for Development

The ISLAMIC COUNCIL FOR DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN SERVICES (ICODEHS): This organization is doing all that it can to alleviate the suffering of communities in the west African subregion through the provision of scholarships for orphans and the construction of wells and school buildings.

Where do you give?

Charities for Building & Design

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