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Readers Respond: Is Your School Beautiful?

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From the article: Olmsted's Beautiful Schools
Every school offers its own unique landscape. Tell us about the buildings and grounds at your school, college, or university. Where is it located? What do you notice as you stroll through the campus? Do you find the surroundings soothing? Inspiring? Or, are there things you would change?

My school design

My school was designed for a rural area, having standard areas for classrooms and other activity spaces. Because of cross ventilation, classrooms have a fresh environment design that is basically close to the nature.
—Guest maheshwari

My Beautiful School

University of Toronto's St. George Campus downtown is both beautiful and diverse. Its earliest buildings date from the 1830s and others were added just in the past 5 years. The newest ones were designed to fit into their urban environment while the oldest shaped the environment, and the city, around them. U of T's central zone, King's College Circle, is an immense space that is used for many purposes, from barbecues to soccer and football games, to the graduation parade every spring. The Robarts Library, the chief research repository of the campus, is northwest of King's College Circle. It commands fabulous views of the city from all sides, and its spartan architecture has earned it the nickname, "Fort Book". A historic home, Burwash House, is part of the campus of Victoria College of U of T. Tucked in behind Ontario Government buildings, it is a stunning red limestone mansion. All these architectural styles contribute to the beauty of the University of Toronto.
—Guest Carol S.

My school design

My school was designed based on space available. The classroom is not spacious enough to accommodate students. The hostel is built close to classroom, set back about 12 meters.
—Guest korsignede oni

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