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Readers Respond: Best Architecture Novel

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Architects are heroes in many great novels. What's your favorite fun, fictional book about Architecture? Who wrote the novel? What made that novel so great?

Other architectural fiction

Architecture in Fiction is a listing on GoodReads. It has more than fifty books, some of which I intend to read.
—Guest marvinlee

The Architect

Charles Bancroft’s debut novel, The Architect. The thriller, centred around colourful London architect, Rob Gilbert is popular with sales in over 20 countries and strong reviews on Amazon.
—Guest Charles Bancroft

Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House

Humorous account of a family trying to build their dream house. Also a movie with Cary Grant!
—Guest Andie

Loving Frank

In this ambitious debut novel, fact and fiction blend together brilliantly. While scholars have largely relegated Mamah to a footnote in the life of America’s greatest architect, author Nancy Horan gives full weight to their dramatic love story and illuminates Cheney’s profound influence on Wright.

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

It's a page-turner novel about building a cathedral in the 12th century. The book has plenty of architecture, intrigue, and mystery. Bookstore link: http://erclk.about.com/?zi=1/2vMe
—Guest Greeny

The Devil in The White City

Story about the architect behind the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893, and the serial killer who used the fair to lure his victims to their death. Author: Erik Larson. Bookstore link: http://erclk.about.com/?zi=1/2vMY
—Guest swynne

Fountainhead by Ayan Rand

This is the best novel ever written on any architect.
—Guest arif kamal

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