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Readers Respond: Stucco House With New Roof

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Our featured stucco house has a brand new roof. What colors would you choose for the siding and the trim? The most interesting and most helpful color ideas will be posted on this page. Suggest color ideas

Warm Earthy Tones

This is a beautiful meridional house. In order to stay within the style, I would go with warm earthy tones, something reminiscent of tribal America. This may not seem ideal with a grey roof (although this could be argued), but I think it would look lovely. My suggestion is a Alamo Brown or Valley Smoke from EZWall. I would add shutters to the windows in a deeper tone (Cherokee Tan for example) to add some character. Very interesting tree in front of the house!
—Guest Luna Chai

Suggest color ideas

Stucco House With New Roof

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