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Readers Respond: Colors for Stucco and Brick

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From the article: Colors for Stucco and Brick
The combination of stucco, brick, and vinyl can make choosing colors especially difficult. Please help us choose colors for the stucco and brick home in our House Color Workshop. The most interesting and most helpful color ideas will be posted on this page.

The roof color dictates the rest

It really depends on the way the sun hits your house and as a result what color the roof appears. If most of the day, (6 to 7 hours), the roof appears tan/brownish, then I would go with a nice "Bohemian Peach" for the stucco (make a sample first - looks great under the rain!-) accompanied by a "Rose Bonbon" for the brick. If the roof appears mostly gray/black, then a nice "Venitian Orange" for the stucco with some element of Maroon in the brick would complement the roof. Be aware that the roof color may vary depending on the luminosity of the sun (winter or summer sun). The roof color really dictates the rest in my humble opinion. It took me a while to pick the roof color for my farmhouse but looking at other houses and at ideas from this blog helped me a lot. Miss Ingua Steinwasse
—Guest Ingua Steinwasse

House Colors To Go With Brick

I would suggest Valspar Lush Sage for the main color of stucco and siding. Then Stony Path for edging and trim. I think Blackened Pine would do a dramatic pop to your front door and maybe around window frames. Or, do all edging in Stony Path and reserve Pine for front door and garage door. The Pine will pull the black color from the roof tiles, the Stony Path will lend it self to any grays yet be a brightner and the Sage will be elegant. Use some plantings of vibrant Reds and deep greens as well as Mono grass to pop that brick. You might consider creating a more dramatic walkway to your house as well from the driveway - too many straight lines right now. Or, if you need to bring the brick drama to life, use rich milk chocolate, with Cinnamon cake trim and a Chinese Red front door.

House Colors

"Toffee Crunch" stucco on front of the house and "St. Augustine Brick" on the rest.
—Guest jacobs


Something reddish, near bright, but not too bright, not too dark.
—Guest reddy

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