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Readers Respond: New Colors For a Ranch House

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From the article: Cedar-Sided Ranch House
Please help us choose colors for our featured cedar-sided Ranch style house. The most interesting and most helpful color ideas will be posted on this page. Suggest color ideas

It's Hopeless

First take the overhang off of the front door & board up all the windows. That will give you a nice flat surface to work with. Then paint the house white from top to bottom. Now you have a blank slate. Use it to paint a picture of a better looking house. This one is hopeless. If you don't want to do that then at least take the cedar siding and reverse it. Just flip the boards so the unstained side is showing and the painted side hidden. Then look on Google images and see what cedar is supposed to look like. The natural wood is gorgeous with that yellowy orange stain. I don't know why people keep trying to make it look plain like it is here. It's like covering up a beautiful hardwood floor with wall-to-wall carpet. Next add a stone veneer to the front door area. And add a screened in stone porch. Anything to get away from that flat shapeless look.
—Guest MasterOfSparks666

A toughy!

This is a hard one because it is a modern house designed by people who didn't quite get it with the styles. You cannot add much in the way of details. Because the top windows are smashed against the soffits, you cannot add a frieze board and you can't add any kind of window hood because then the windows won't match. But you can use some interesting colors. Since the cedar siding is already painted you are free to paint again. Pick an interesting color that suits your idea of what you want your home to reflect. It can sedate of fun. Try to select a color that is ambiguous for both the siding and the shutters. That way the house will take on a lot of personality that is not inherent in the architecture.

Brighten it up!

A buttery yellow with sage green shutters would ease the boxy shape of this house. This will create a nice back drop for the landscaping!Remove the current landscaping, and add some height towards corners to soften, and flank front porch with some medium-tall plants to make your entrance a focal point. Line your walkway with low growing colorful plants. Paint your front door a complimentary color, and keep in mind your roof color...The key for you is to soften the rectangular shape of your home, and draw your eye away from the imperfections...make that landscaping spectacular! Good luck!

Colors aren't the first question

The first floor windows across the front of the house are all different and very jarring. It seems that a solution to this problem must come first because no color can hide the different sizes. The easiest answer I think is to construct a covered walkway across the entire front of the house. Get rid of the pediment and make the entry more interesting with some carpentry. Use simple columns to support the new structure. If there's a cement pad in the front of the house, you might want to consider making this a sort of covered porch (also full length). Next, tear out the landscaping which is not in keeping with the design of the house and probably obstructs the path from the garage to the front door. When you get around to re-landscaping, keep it loose and asymmetrical. (Symmetrical plantings are for formal buildings.) Now, with the portico on the lower level, you essentially have a 2 story house which can be painted in 2 shades of taupe w/ a dark accent color.

New Colors for a Ranch House

An Olympian green. It is a deep solid color but not too deep and not gloomy or too dark. A whitish not too bright white but not too vanilla trim. The garage door can be the same color as the house and just paint front door an deep color of a rustic, redwood red.
—Guest Laurarosee

Ranch House Colors

If the house is rather warm, paint it pure white with light blue. Doors and windows can be colors like red, orange, or terracotta. Plants and greenery provide natural insulation. In colder climates, choose colors like sand, light brown, or gray. Window frames can be colored green, gray, or red. Also consider staining the wood and coating it with a clear lacquer or wax. I love a white house with contrasting dark frames. Gray, red, orange, or green adds a touch! (Translated from Portuguese.)
—Guest newtinho

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New Colors For a Ranch House

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