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Readers Respond: Colors For a Gray Ranch House

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From the article: Pearl Gray Ranch House
Here's your chance to comment on our featured home, the Pearl Gray Ranch House. Can you think of ways to make the house more interesting? Which details would you highlight? What colors would you choose? The most interesting and most helpful ideas will be posted on this page.

Landscaping, Landscaping, Landscaping

This house needs landscaping first! Choose Purples (Japanese maples or bonfire peach), blues (bluestar juniper) and lime yellows...then fill in with greens. Dark mulch or rock...Definitely shutters (charcoal) and a pretty color on front door (sky is the limit with gray). Add the grids to your front windows!!A nice resin wicker set! A charcoal urn with hot pinks, purples, greens and yellows...as well as those colors for cushions, wreaths, etc. My house is this color, and I get compliments constantly!! Good luck!!


It may depend on the color of your roof, but I have a ranch style home, painted in a blueish- gray. It has a white roof. What I did to punch it up was to add trim entirely around (the fascia and gutters were painted) in a darker shade of blue-gray, plus painted the window sills (which are concrete/stucco) and fake shutters on the front windows the same darker blue-gray shade. Then I framed the front door with white trim, and painted the door a poinsettia red. It looks great!

Highlight the trim!

I suggest painting the trim at the roofline a darker color and perhaps adding some shutters or painting the window trim the same color as the roof trim, therby showing off your home's best features: the gables and windows. Try going to Better Homes and Gardens house painting tool online to try different colors. You're sure to find something you like! (See House Paint Color Tools at http://architecture.about.com/od/software/tp/paintsoftware.htm)
—Guest elbie

old house

I would paint it in an ivory. Something in that range. The trim would look great in a brown of some sort.
—Guest Judith

Ranch House

How about adding some brick facade to get some color, or some nice hedges with a little bit of color with them in it?
—Guest azgirl

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