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Readers Respond: New Colors For Cedar Siding

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From the article: Painted Cedar Siding
Please help us choose colors for our featured Ranch style house. The house used to be sided in natural cedar, but the previous owners painted the wood and the foundation a dull white. What colors would you pick? The most interesting and most helpful color ideas will be posted on this page. Suggest color ideas

Simple changes

Keep the siding and the foundation the same color to keep the house feeling whole, but use a darker color than white. As you can see the white shows off the separation of the top and the bottom because of the way it shadows. A darker color will keep that from happening. If you change the windows to a light color they won't look like postage stamps stuck on the side of the house as they do now They will also appear larger and make the whole house feel light and airy. Look to mid century modern colors (50's -60's era) if looking historic is important to you. Lastly put a color on the front door. Let the color you select reflect the tone of the interior of the home -- formal or fun. You decide what makes you happy.

Siding color

I bought a house 25 years ago that had redwood siding, both horizontal and vertical. Unfortunately, over the years it had been stained with an opaque stain in a russet brown shade, so the only thing I could maintain it with was the same type of opaque stain. It does look pretty good, but I will always regret that the original wood was completely obscured this way. The stain I used was Olympic Overcoat flat latex in Russet. This is a good quality paint and will last a long time. Of course, this will not work over a previous oil-based paint! If that is your case, you must use some sort of oil-based finish to avoid incompatibility.

Lots of choices!

Wow, great house! With so many choices for a home like this, the only thing you need to remember is paint the deepest color on the bottom (if you were going 2 tone) so that it 'grounds' the house. Benjamin Moore has a wonderful Audubon Russet color (HC-51) that could be used as a base against accents colors in green or smoky blues. Another great choice would be BM's 2144-30 Rosemary Sprig. This is a mellow green with a yellow base and can be used with black accents or even reddish-brown/burnt orangy accents. Whichever way you go, it will look awesome.

Suggest color ideas

New Colors For Cedar Siding

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