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Readers Respond: What's the spookiest building you've ever seen?

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From the article: Top 10 Spooky Buildings
Do some buildings give you the creeps? Does a house have to be old to feel haunted? What's the spookiest building you've ever seen? What made the place feel creepy? Tell us!


Any scary place will do, but the place that will really freak you out starts with your brain. The more afraid you are the more you will see and hear.
—Guest SUSAN

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

I have yet to experience it, I'm going to this summer. My sister is a tour guide there and I have heard EVPs from the place so I can't wait. :)
—Guest ghosthunter1977

Haunted House

Me and my sister had just moved in (Yadkinville, NC) to what it appeared a nice. No! it sure wasn't : It all started since the first day we went to see the actual house. I had just stepped in the door. As I was walking towards the kitchen I felt someone looking at me. At first I thought it was because the house was so big just for the two of us and her 5 year old daughter. As the days passed by, stranger things would happen, like lights flickering, strange smells, cold spots, footsteps at night, doors being opened, and the feeling of being watched. We also thought it was just ourselves being paranoid. But as the days passed by things got worse: we actually saw a demon face on the wall, doorknob turned by it self (this was experienced by both my sis and I) and one of the creepiest moments was when I actually took my 5 yr old niece to the restroom and we both saw a bottle of lotion move by itself! We got pictures, and other people did research. We ended up moving out.
—Guest Monica Saldivar

Jinn Valley

That's the most scariest valley ever to be seen or heard or FELT!! Jinn Valley is a long valley with small hut-like houses with no doors. They say it's filled with spirits and jinn roaming about. Well it's also a tourist attraction for some. They say if you off your car engine in the middle of the valley IT WILL MOVE BY ITSELF!! HOW CREEPY IS THAT!! Check the video on you tube. We were about to check the place out but my uncle warned us...you know it might not a be good trip!!! Happy Halloween!!
—Guest Rila

Spookiest building

Campbell/Crumm Castle built in 1888 along the Arkansas River in Wichita, KS. I went to High School in this Castle and it is most definitely spooky and I would definitely say Haunted. Lights would turn on and off by themselves. Footsteps heard on the stairs to the servants quarters. It was always something happening in there, that sometimes "We" were blamed for. It's a Bed & Breakfast now, interesting, spooky but beautiful Castle, so if ever in the vicinity visit there. More information: www.castleinnriverside.com/history/
—Guest Stephie


Without question, the Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, KY !

Candle Shoppe of the Poconos

The creepiest building I've been in is The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos in Swiftwater, PA, which was a biological research lab where they did monkey research in the 1900. We found the whole lab in the basement. Animal Planet did a show here called The Haunted and we are opening our own shop showing the lab, holding cell, and monkey cages. More info at: http://www.thecandleshoppeofthepoconos.com/ (click on "Recent Developments" at bottom of page.)
—Guest linda schlier

Spooky haunting!

When my mum was younger there was a huge crash from the bedroom like a wardrobe falling over. The baby did not wake and the dog did not bark and then there were voices at the top of the stairs.... true story!
—Guest cassie

Peoria Cemetery in Texas (not building)

Me and my husband are avid ghost hunters. We went to investigate this cemetery on night late. I had an experience of a dark spirit coming by me and making my hair move as it passed me. When we returned home to listen to our evps that we made, we had caught a spirit voice on our tape. It had told us "get out of here; they are just people" and we heard a loud sound as though someone was cocking a shotgun. That was really creepy.

Whaley House

The Whaley House in Old Town in San Diego, California is by far the spookiest house I've been in. It is DEFINITELY haunted! (See the Whaley House at www.whaleyhouse.org.)
—Guest Kev

Haunted House

My sister was filming with her phone in her friend's house. The room was completely empty and there were no shadows at all in the room, but when we looked at the video later, there were shadows shaped like human bodies passing from behind her. But she knew she was in the room alone. It really freaked her out!
—Guest pepper

Dauchau Concentration Camp

It was a bright sunny day, but as we entered the gates of Dachau Concentration Camp, a deep pall descended over us. It was almost as though the many souls who had lost their lives there had left behind all their grief, suffering, and despair. As we entered the "shower" room where so many were gassed, saw the wall where inmates were lined up and shot, and entered the crematorium with the menacing ovens, it was as though we were surrounded by the souls of those who died ,and could in some way hear echoes of their pain and misery. You could almost sense the presence of those poor victims of the holocaust. It was definitely spooky. I have never felt such connection to people I never met, it was as if they were crying out in pain. Though I did not actually see anything, I was told that the site has a reputation of being haunted. I have been told by others that they got the same reaction when they visited, so I was not alone in feeling that Dachau belongs in the category of spooky.
—Guest Mitsicat

Spookiest building

Stephen King's home in Maine with the demons and gargoyles.
—Guest Kooky

Spooky houses

You've gotta be kidding. The Amityville house - that is not a scary house. Watch Ghost Hunters!
—Guest jenjen

Spookiest houses

Dalhousie Castle Bonnyrigg/Edinburgh. Stay in Dalhousie for a weekend and turn Graceland into a teddy bear's picnic!!
—Guest dave smith

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What's the spookiest building you've ever seen?

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