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Readers Respond: We Think Our House Is Ugly

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From the article: We think our house is ugly
Please comment on the "Mississippi house" featured in our House Style Workshop. The most interesting or most helpful comments will be posted below.

Like the brick & shutters!

I really like the brick colours & the shutters on your house. I don't like the trim work on the upper part & would paint them out. Find a colour that works with the brick (ignore the roof since you are going to replace it) and try painting the upper part all one colour. I'd recommend photoshopping your picture so that you can see the basic shape of the house & then put some different colours into it. (Benjamin Moore has a paint program & I'm sure there are others.)

Could be Charming!

I think your home could be very charming. If you do paint the brick - I would go for a sage green or soft/light beige. The woodwork on the top I would have white vinyl siding put on it. That would take the "tudor" style from it. I also would consider vinyl siding at the entrance way to dress it up a little or even have it covered with rock. That would give it a more elegant appeal to it. You could stain your driveway a softer tone too to help incorporate for a smoother look. Landscaping can change the entire look of a home.. consider having a professional come to your home to do some quotes and they will do a drawing for some ideas, get multiple quotes.
—Guest Your home is lovely

Color Scheme

It's my job to look at renovated old houses all day, and I have an idea for your home--but I hesitate to offer it simply because I don't know what these other "updated" homes in your neighborhood look like. The trim work in the roof arches reminds me of a tudor style home. If you play off this, then you can paint the roof/trim in that manner and then paint the home a warm sage green. If you look at renovated properties, sage green and browns are so "in" right now. You can then paint your shutters the same dark brown as you paint the trim on the roof. Play up the look by landscaping with stone and lots of natural elements.
—Guest Starla

You can do a lot!

I'd leave roof alone until you need to re-do it, then do it in black with black shutters, leave the brick, get rid of the brown beams, paint the top triangles and the entranceway either a light gray or cream color...
—Guest Danielle

Hmmmm....how about...

I'm not an expert...but here is what immediately comes to my mind. I would paint the shutters darker, like a very very dark blue. I would leave the exterior walls white and find a dark color for the trim, something that would go well with the dark tones in the brick. Painting the door (can't see it in the pic) could also be a nice touch.

No it's not!

I think it could be so pretty! Maybe paint it a soft brown color on the bricks, with a tan on the upper siding - then use the brown for the wood highlights as well...? Shutters could be a prettier cottage green or pick another color you'd like. Landscaping and maybe a stone walk would make a huge difference, too. Good luck!

I like it!

Your house is far from ugly. There are many features I really like about it, but you are there comparing it with your neighbors. Some suggestions if you want to change the look. You could remove the shutters, although I do like them and I like the colour. You could go sage?? perhaps?? Or remove them. I think they give a place a bit of a cottagy look which you may not want. I think your entranceway has tons of potential for plants, pots and vines. Though I'm not sure what colour I would paint it. You could remove the design on your peaks and have it a solid colour. I'm not sure what the trend is in Mississippi as I'm in Canada. The orange roof doesn't stand out much in your photo but if you're going to replace it in 2yrs then I wouldn't be stuck on matching colours to it now. I like your brick too and wouldn't paint over it. It gives a place a little more character, perhaps you could work with it. Sorry I can't help you with colours, I'm having the same problem. G. Luc
—Guest jan

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