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Readers Respond: What Style Is Your Shopping Plaza?

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Nearly every town has one: a shopping plaza or mall with chain stores, fast-food restaurants, and perhaps a gas station or a grocery mart. How would you describe the shopping plaza in your town?
  • What architectural details do you notice?
  • What styles are the buildings?
  • Do the buildings seem to mimic the architecture from a historic period?
  • What does the design of your shopping center reveal about your community and the people who live there?

Describe your town's shopping plaza, and read what others have written.

Describe It!

Traditional and Semi-Urban Shopping Mall

Mekelle, Ethiopia is a new developing city. It is rapidly growing and leaving its traditional style of marketing done with the nearby countrymen who supply it with daily fresh produce. In an old market location still used by them I want to design a market place with all the existing traditional elements including means of transportation, stylish colors, and cultural stone houses with grass roofs covered arranged in a traditional order. The existing situation is unhygienic and full of hazards created by the prevailing strong winds blown with dust in that area. Since the site is near the main road to the only airport, it has the potential of becoming a vast shopping area. My main objective of mixing the traditional with the modern is to create a link between the countrymen and the city dwellers in one arena so that they share their way of life. As we know the gap between ''the rich and the poor'' is on the increase, and this is the main cause disorder we see in our world today.

Rural and Urban

Designed to accommodate the fresh country air and urban marketing in one area.


I want a design of shopping plaza a minimalist design, and I'm looking for a design to apply for my thesis proposal.
—Guest gwen

Describe It!

What Style Is Your Shopping Plaza?

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