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Readers Respond: What's your favorite building by Frank Lloyd Wright?

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During his long career, Frank Lloyd Wright designed hundreds of buildings, including homes, churches, museums, office buildings, and other structures. Do you have a favorite? What makes your favorite Frank Lloyd Wright building special? Name your favorite

Favorite child

I grew up in Oak Park, IL in a John Van Bergen home. (Student of FLW). Loved that experience. To ask which is my favorite building is akin to asking of my children, whom do I love the most? They are all amazing.
—Guest Jude


I really love the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York... it really stands out! I have always been amazed at the shell-like structure. It is a very modern building, and it's hard to believe it was designed in the 30s! Love it.
—Guest Jason

The Prairie Style, Arthur Heurtley Home

To say that I love FLW would be an extreme understatement. His life story is as interesting and breathtaking as his buildings and homes. The Arthur Heurtley house in Oak Park, IL is so vibrant, the house has a life of its own. Even more interesting, this house is brilliant beyond anything being built today and was commissioned in the late 1800's. FLW is a man, self taught by living life and having the B's to be an individual, take risks, make mistakes and not ask for permission or forgiveness. A man ahead of his time, FLW is one of my personal American heroes. It is always surprising to me that more people that I speak to have no clue who he is or what his existence on this planet did for modern architecture and modern living around the world. Boooo!!!
—Guest Michelle

Wright favorite

Johnson Wax Building in Racine, WI blends space, function, beauty, and amazing engineering into a harmonious expression of one of America's most respected private companies.
—Guest Jim Campbell

Best of the best

I am a normal sized person, so all the concerns about 6'2"+ tallness in the Fallingwater custom summer house could be overcome by wearing a hard hat. I spent several hours in the house and found it delightful in the space created. A blend of nature, materials and new purpose of the nature of living use of the space. When he designed it in 1937, he jumped light years ahead in achieving shelter living. I dipped my feet in the stream from the steps, enjoyed nature on the cantilevered verandas & marveled at polished stone floors with factory windows allowing natural airflow with a tilt. It was meant for living on the verandas and sleeping in the smallish cave like bedrooms. A major achievement in new thinking and the very nature of how man should live.


In school we are actually taking a field trip to the Robbie house, to study architecture. But I love the design of Fallingwater.
—Guest Savannah

Darwin Martin House Complex

Correction: The interior of the house is open for a fantastic tour. Just contrast this house with the other mansions built in the same area at the same time. Astoundindly futuristic! [NOTE FROM EDITOR: As of March 2012, construction is ongoing at the Darwin Martin House. Be sure to call ahead to find out which rooms will be included in your tour. For tour information, also visit: http://www.darwinmartinhouse.org/tour_schedules.cfm]
—Guest Jack Hoyt

Taliesin West

I think Taliesin West is when FLW really mastered his organic architecture, and you can really notice the harmony between nature and the structure.
—Guest michael

The Price Tower

The Price Tower completed in 1956 is one of my favorite Frank LLoyd Wright masterpieces. Had the great fortune to visit the wonderful building and spending a couple of nights there. What a wonderful treat it was rent a room and stay in a museum now, designed by the master!
—Guest antonio guzman

Winslow House, River Forest, Illinois

Winslow House is my favorite because the front is simple, while the back is a true expression of FLW.
—Guest Virginia Opitz


It is one of the wonderful works done by Frank Lloyd Wright by his imagination and vision

Great thought

My ambition is to do this type of building. Fallingwater is the masterpiece. It's like the architect, God, created earth and universe. Undoubtedly the one and only.....Fallingwater....its design is almost equal to a place in heaven.
—Guest +falling water


Fallingwater is my absolute favorite. I was given the lego set for christmas and have become fascinated with FLW since.
—Guest Nick M

What's your favourite building

The Fallingwater house, though I don`t know quitewhat type of architecture. I want to be a professional architect two years from now.
—Guest N. Waiyaki

Administration Bldg

I would love to see more of the visitor center building shaped like an egg. The interior has no inside corners and the museum of the company's products throughout history is very interesting.
—Guest Jeff

Name your favorite

What's your favorite building by Frank Lloyd Wright?

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