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Readers Respond: Did You Give Your House Curb Appeal?

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Curb appeal is that elusive quality that makes a house warm, welcoming, interesting, and inviting. Curb appeal will make a house easier to sell, but it can also make your home so enjoyable that you want to stay. Have you discovered a way to bring out the beauty in your own home?

Forged Iron Lamps, Shutters, Flowers

Our gorgeous house is in Cognac, Quebec and needed few additional touches to add curb appeal. We replaced the lighting with black forged iron lamps on either side of our red Chinese door, we added red burgundy shutters (to match the front door). Lastly we added 2 beds of flowers along either side of the driveway. Every day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we love to sit on the front porch and just relax.
—Guest Magalie Champ

Added covered entry and lattice privacy

We added a covered entry for aesthetics and to keep us dry in bad weather. We also added a four-foot bumped out bay window eating area in the front of the house as part of the kitchen, and had an arch-top privacy lattice fence added off the garage to hide the garbage cans. Our house now has character and charm and stands out from all the other boxy colonials on the rest of the street.
—Guest Amy Bly

Adding an inviting entrance

I think creating an inviting entrance or porch, with an interesting colored door, and providing a little privacy with plantings and an interesting walkway gives an immediately cozy and approachable feeling to any home. Any warm colors on the siding or landscaping adds that feeling. With white vinyl siding, adding a warm colored door, paving, and flowers would be excellent choice.
—Guest Glush Dada Ozturk

Add Lights!

Our street is really dark and no one could even see my house at night. So I tucked solar lights in the garden bed and hung a Frank Lloyd Wright pendant light from the porch ceiling. The lights didn't cost much and the play of light and shadows is perfect.

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