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Port Townsand, Washington Queen Anne

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By Igloochic

Port Townsand, Washington Queen Anne

1889 James House

Port Townsand, Washington Queen Anne

Stairway and front hall

About My House

Our home was built in 1889 at the cost of ten thousand dollars (when the average mansion here cost about four thousand). The home is in Port Townsend, WA and until recently was the oldest B&B in the pacific northwest (35 years running). It is now a private home.

Originally it was built as a family home. Until the early 20's it was owned by the James family, and then became a hospital for infirm women (surgery was preformed in the dining room). From the 40's to the 60's it was operated as an apartment building. Restoration took place until the 70's at which time it became an inn.

Queen Anne Features

The home has many features of Queen Anne homes, including the siding, turret (though not the traditional circle tower) porch, etc. It is basically a large rectangle (almost 8000 sq ft). It has its original stained glass windows.

The woodwork was carved on site in wild cherry, oak, fir and walnut. The house is known for its stairways and floors which feature lavish patterns.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bring your woolies...big victorians are drafty and may bankrupt you if you try to keep them reasonably warm some winters.

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