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El Rancho Vista Estates

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By paulkaplan5

El Rancho Vista Estates

Donald Wexler-designed home in El Rancho Vista Estates. Click the photo for a larger view.

El Rancho Vista Estates

Wexler interior, Rancho Vista Estates. Click the photo for a larger view.

About the Trip

Donald Wexler was also known for his residential developments. Most notable was the El Rancho Vista Estates neighborhood in Palm Springs built around 1960

Architecture in Palm Springs

Check out this link: El Rancho Vista Estates This is a great website featuring the various mid-century neighborhoods in Palm Springs. In particular, this page provides information on El Rancho Vista Estates, the subdivision designed by Donald Wexler around 1960 in Palm Springs.


Contact the Modern Real Estate Group for a free map of the Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Palm Springs. It's a detailed guide to the various architectural neighborhoods worth seeing in Palm Springs.

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