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Horry County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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By Paula Svincek

Horry County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Horry County Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Click the photo for a larger view.

Monument Name

Vietnam Veterans of Horry County Acknowledge Our Fallen Comrades

Monument Location

Conway, South Carolina

About This Monument

This tribute is located in front of the Horry County Courthouse. It is made of polished and rough-hewn granite with a granite base.

Why This Monument Is Important

This monument immortalizes those those brave young men that gave their lives because our country asked them to. The Vietnam Veterans Monument is granite monument in a crescent shape with a low relief carving of a map of Vietnam. The map is inscribed: Vietnam Veterans of Horry County Acknowledge Our Fallen Comrades. This is followed with a list of names with dates of death for veterans. The list is continued on the back of monument. This monument honors those that died.


When you look at the list of fallen young Americans, say a prayer for those that came back alive and did not receive the admiration of their country for their service, in this conflict and those that have followed.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

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