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Storybook Kit Home?

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By sepulvs

Storybook Kit Home?

Storybook Kit Home?

My House:

We are buying our first home. It is located in Orange County, CA. We know it was built in 1935, but that is about it. Most of the house seems to be original. The houses in the area vary greatly and this is the only one of this nature. It seems to be a Storybook home, but we aren't sure. It has a rolled roof and arch windows.

My Puzzle:

We want to know if this was a kit home or not. It is surrounded by Pacific Ready Made Kits and we want to know if this was one, too. If so who made it? We would hopefully like to restore this home to its natural condition and would like to know how we can begin this process. The home seems to be original. The bathroom is definitely all original as well as the kitchen. But the house has some mystery, such as the faux fireplace.


  • Any help on the style?
  • Where to look for research ideas on how to restore?

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Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Your charming home has many features of the Tudor Cottage style. Other names for the style include: Storybook Cottage, Hansel and Gretel Cottage, Cotswold Cottage, English Country Cottage, and Ann Hathaway Cottage. For tips on learning whether your house was a kit home, see About Your Mail Order House.

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