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New England Cottage

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By kw03904

New England Cottage

What Style Is It?

My House:

I am trying to determine this house's architectural style (it's in New England). It was built in 1928 and it has badly peeling paint from its wooden shingles (plus the shingles don't have much life left either).

The far left side and far right sides of the house are additions. The left is a 1980's garage and the right side is a sunroom addition. The main part of the house, then, for dating purposes, is the center part with the two peaks.

My Puzzle:

I am actually trying to decide if I want to replace all the wooden shingles with stucco, but am not sure that is in keeping with the style of the house or not. It sort of looks tudor'ish but is lacking in half timbers, etc. Maybe it's a cottage of some sort.


  • Can you please help me determine the style so that I may choose an appropriate siding material?

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

What a lovely home! The steep, complex roof and arched doorway are typical features of the Cotswold Cottage style. The Cotswold Cottage is actually a subtype of the Tudor house style, and may also be called an Ann Hathaway Cottage, a Hansel and Gretel Cottage, or simply and English Country Cottage. The most typical siding is brick, stone, or stucco, but you need not let that fact dictate your choice. What type of siding did the house have back in 1928? (Perhaps you can find out by removing a few shingles in a hidden corner of the house.) If the house has always been sided in wooden shingles, this type of siding may be your best choice.

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