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By dollar7499



My House:

The house is in Dallas, and was built in 1920 in a neighborhood that required architect-designed homes. It has the high peaked roof, with the second floor over the porch, colonial broken pediments over the front door, and 2 french doors in the front room leading to a den and a dining room.

My Puzzle:

What style features a mini-roof over the porch? What details have been removed? What details can be added to solidify the style? Do the top windows usually have stained glass in them? What would a preservationist advise?


  • How would you paint the house to make it more striking?

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Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Fascinating house! As you guessed, the house has features of many styles, including Tudor Revival and Craftsman. The huge front gable reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Oak Park, Illinois. Like Wright, the architect of your home may have borrowed ideas from the free-form Shingle Style. This doesn't mean that you should re-side the house with shingles! Browse photos of Shingle Style architecture and you'll be amazed by the variety... and you may also get some helpful color ideas.

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