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A Puzzling Victorian

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By viktor77

A Puzzling Victorian

My House:

Two-story, asymmetrical wood frame house, irregular in plan, with wood clapboard siding. A central section has a hip roof, with gabled wings on the sides. The façade features a deep, one-story porch, with ornamental columns and a low baluster. Set back slightly is a high-pitched square "tower" with gables on all four sides. The front-facing gable has two pairs of windows, one on each story, encased in decorative wood trim that visually ties the first- and second-story windows together. A small round window with a peaked pediment is near the top of the gable; above it is a vergeboard of Gothic design.

My Puzzle:

Most puzzling in this house is the use of a square tower, which reflects that of an adjacent house built later. The use of Gothic Revival elements is clear, but none of the elements seem to be completely Gothic in nature. Many of the elements, like the vergeboard, are highly decorative. If I could guess, I would say the house is a hybrid of Gothic design, but I am unsure with what.


  • This house was built in 1869 in Saginaw, Michigan.
  • There are no houses similar to it in the city save the adjacent house.
  • The house is around 5,000 square feet.
  • The house is pink with all white molding; unknown if this is the original palette.

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