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1920s Michigan Home

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By Mark

1920s Michigan Home

1920s Michigan Home. Click the photo for a larger view.

My House:

I would call this house a Cotswold, built in the mid-20s. Complicated roof lines, asymmetrical, etc., and it's in an historical neighborhood in Grand Rapids, MI, that was developed on an old country club golf course in the 20s and 30s. The only unusual features on this house were done after the interesting historical times, in the form of two crummy additions. One I've torn off, and one I'm trying to correct little by little.

My Puzzle:

The roof needs replacing and I'm looking for suggestions on color. The brick color is pretty blah, which makes me think the red (which I didn't like at first) might be a good idea again.

Also, it needs a new front door and I would like to get one appropriate for the style. Any ideas on styles?


  • What color shingles on roof?
  • What style/color for the front door?

I've responded to another reader on this page (link):

Colonial or Craftsman?

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

What a charming house! I can see why you call it a Cotswold, but Cotswold style houses usually have extremely steep roofs that slope almost to the ground. Your lovely home appears to be a Colonial Revival, but with delightful French details. For example, there are hints of the French Provicial style in these details:
  • Tall second floor windows that break through the cornice
  • Arched canopy over front door
  • Hipped roof on the bay window
Of course, revival houses of the 1920s combined many different historic styles, so don't be worried if a particular name eludes you. Just enjoy your beautiful home! As for your roof, the red color you're using right now provides a nice contrast with the yellow brick, and also harmonizes nicely with your neighbor's red brick home. You might consider painting your front door a similar shade of earthy red.

Your Turn:

How would you describe the style of this house? Any ideas for the roof shingles? Post your ideas

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