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Trim Colors for a Ranch House

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By Laura

Trim Colors for a Ranch House

View from sidewalk. Click the photo for a larger view.

Trim Colors for a Ranch House

View from driveway, garage shown. Click the photo for a larger view.

My House:

I have a ranch style house, with a drive under garage, and a full basement below. The house has off white/cream color vinyl siding. The roof is a rustic brownish color. The shutters are black, front door white, porch is not so big and surrounded by large landscaped bushes. Currently the porch rails are white with unfinished flooring. We have a big landscape of large bushes all along the front of the house.

My Project:

My house is siding, so no need to paint. I just need to repaint cracked, faded, old paint on my front door, porch and mailbox stand, and garage. My roof is new, less then one year. I purchased the home last year and want to enhance the true beauty. It sat empty for about two years so fading took over. All the major projects have been done, now just the last minor part of painting.


  • I am not sure what color to paint porch, mailbox stand, and door to bring it all together. The picture is not current with the colors. It's only an idea of what the house looks like from the driveway

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Your yard is lovely! You might want to consider choosing a color from your landscape for your front door. For example, if you often have red flowers blooming out front, you could paint your front door red. Alternatively, could could paint the door the same color as your shutters, or perhaps the same color as your roof. Since your window sashes are white, you'll probably want to use white for your porch rails and other details.

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