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Trim Colors for a Brick House

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By Kristalyn22

Trim Colors for a Brick House

Front view of home

My House:

We just purchased a 1.5 story 25-year-old home in great condition. It has a grey/tan brick exterior. The home looks a little lopsided in the front due to the architecture. It makes the home look very large, though. The only thing to paint on the outside is the trim and eaves, since there are not window trims. There is a room to the left of the home that is not bricked, but has beige siding as well. We have a new 10-foot wood fence that has a cherry/orange stain. The current trim color is a light beige color which I think makes the brick look washed out and dirty.

My Project:

I'd like to paint the trim of the house to better accent the brick and to possibly better balance the look of the exterior. The roof is only 7 years old so it will stay the same. The inside of the house has a lot of brown and chocolate colors - which we like and will keep. The kitchen actually has very dark brown cabinets that really pop with the rest of the colors in the house.


  • What would be the best color for the trim? I was thinking a dark walnut/brown color, but I'm unsure if it would produce the desired effect of complimenting the brick and balancing the outside appearance. Would it clash with the fence?
  • Should the siding on the extension to the left of the home be painted as well?

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

From the photo, it looks as though your bricks have several colors blended together. I think you can't go wrong by picking out one of the colors from the brick and going several shades darker. Something in the brown family would work very well...especially the shade is similar to one of the colors from the brick.

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