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Stucco House With a New Roof

Submit an Entry: House Color Questions

By Patricia Hood

Stucco House With a New Roof

Stucco House

Stucco House With a New Roof

New Shingles

My House:

I have a stucco house. It is white with dark brown trim and brown roof. I am having the roof redone. The new shingles are thunderstorm grey. I want to paint the trim white, but cannot decide on color for house. I was leaning towards a light grey. Ideas?

My Project:

The new roof is almost done. I will be painting trim and stucco house. I was thinking of painting the trim white with white gutters and possibly a grey paint on the house.

Surrounding houses are tans and browns, some grey, yellow, and orange. I don't want to stick out, but don't want to be too plain either.


  • I'd like advice on colors to paint the stucco and/or trim.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

The new colors don't need to match the roof, but they should harmonize. Cool, muted colors work well with gray. Possibilities include slate blue, dusty green, and darker shades of gray. A bright red or yellow door can add oomph to a gray and white house.

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