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Solutions for a Remodeled Ranch

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By timeoutnow

Solutions for a Remodeled Ranch

1970s Ranch Style House. Click the photo for a larger view.

Solutions for a Remodeled Ranch

We work on the landscaping. Click the photo for a larger view.

My House:

Our house was a 1970s ranch that we remodeled last year. We added a second floor to the house by adding a dormer out the back and converted two fake dormers into real ones. The house is a mix of materials from siding, brick, stone and stucco and feels a bit disjointed. The roof is black and the trim is white.

My Project:

We are looking for ideas to improve the look and curb appeal of the house. We are considering adding white shutters to two of the windows in the front, to try to make the left side of the house match the right. We are also considering painting the garage doors, the front door, and some of the trim. I would like to paint the brick, but do not want the maintenance.


  • Should we add white or beige shutters to the left windows?
  • Should we paint the garage doors beige?
  • Should we paint the front door? What color?
  • Should we paint some of the white trim beige?
  • Any other curb appeal suggestions?

I've suggested ideas for another reader's house (link):

Trim Colors for a Brick House: I think a dark gray or black would look good with the gray brick.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Your house is lovely, and it doesn't need much to add pizazz. A few ideas:
  • Paint the garage doors a deep beige, slightly darker than the color you've used in your gables. Your goal is to balance the garage side of your home with the dark brick on the opposite end.
  • Paint the front door the same dark beige you use for your garage door.
  • Keep all your trim the white. Or, if you do paint the trim, keep it all the same color. This will help unify the various elements of the house.
  • No need to add shutters! You don't want to add visual clutter to this already interesting home.
  • Focus your efforts on landscaping. Here are some ideas: Tips for Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

More Curb Appeal Ideas

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