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Rose with Green?

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By aslfdioj

Rose with Green?

Victorian House. Click the photo for a larger view.

Rose with Green?

Victorian Porch. Click the photo for a larger view.

My House:

The style I believe in Folk Victorian. The house is currently rose and cream with green trim. The roof has a green gray color to it. This was the color of the house when we bought it in 2000.

My Project:

We replaced the roof 2 years ago. We are replacing the screens on the porch to original balusters and rails painted creme. We want to paint the cream color on the body of the house keeping the rose top. We can paint the green trim if need be but we are happy with it.


  • I would like to know what color to paint the creme body of the house. I am leaning toward a lighter shade of pink with a taupe or brown stained porch but I just don't know. I want it to feel warm and inviting and maybe pink is just too cold. Any help would be so appreciated. It's such a big decision.

I've suggested ideas for another reader's house (link):

I've posted ideas for the house on this page: Paint this Victorian

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Your home is lovely. I think you could call it a Folk Victorian, but the modified tower and the curved porch also place it in the Queen Anne family. You are wise to be cautious about using pink--you don't want your house to appear overly fussy or feminine. However, a light rose would look stunning if you choose a shade that has an earthy, slightly brown tinge. Alternatively, you might opt for green--a lighter shade of the green already present on the trim. Whether you go for rose or green, the trick is to stay within the same color family that you have already. You want to highlight the wonderful features of your house, without looking like a circus.

UPDATE: The owner has repainted, and the results are fabulous. See pictures of the new colors.

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