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Colors for a Split-Level Stucco Home

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By Jill Staten

Colors for a Split-Level Stucco Home

Split-level stucco house

My House:

Our split-level stucco house was built in 1931. It has one architectural feature that I absolutely hate. On the far right side of the house there is a gable (the rest of the roof is hip) and it has vertical wooden panels that extend about 10" past the point where the roof starts to narrow. So it's essentially a pentagon of vertical wood siding on an otherwise stucco house. This is the only place on the house that has this type of feature and it looks unbalanced.

The roof is brown and the stucco is Benjamin Moore's Texas Sage. Windows are Coastal Fog, but there isn't much painted area on them.

My Project:

I want to minimize the "triangle." I considered doing Coastal Fog, but it's pretty light and I had the triangle a creamy white before when the house was blue and it really stuck out. I am considering the next darker shade down from Coastal Fog, which is Brandon Brown, or perhaps a blend of the two. On the left side of the house are two wood features: a large pillar on the corner of the porch, and four beams under a small cantilevered bump-out. They used to be a darker version of Texas Sage, but that looked bad so I changed it to a dark brown which I like.


  • What color were these "triangles" originally? (Several houses in my area have them.)
  • Should I paint it Texas Sage even though it's a different material than the stucco siding, and if so, should it be the same flat sheen as the stucco, or a low-lustre? If not, what color should I paint it?
  • If it's not Texas Sage, should the pillar and beams be the same color as the triangle, even though I like them and want to highlight them?

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Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

I like your idea of painting the front gable (the "triangle") the same color as the stucco siding, but with a low-lustre sheen. The difference in sheen will provide some contrast, but the sameness of the color will make the gable seem less prominent.

I'm not sure whether your window sashes are wood or aluminum. If they are wood, consider painting them the same dark brown color you've used on your porch pillars. Whatever you decide, be sure to preview your choices. Use a free home color software program or other photo editing software to try out color ideas.

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Share your ideas about this home, and see what others have written.

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