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Colors for a Red-Roof House

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By kerryannruff

Colors for a Red-Roof House

1975 California Home. Click the photo for a larger view.

Colors for a Red-Roof House

1975 California Home. Click the photo for a larger view.

My House:

We just bought this 1975 California home. The present color is a light tan with a dark brown trim. We have brick around the front entrance and a red tile roof.

My Project:

We are in the middle of a major renovation of the front and back yard. Before we make any final decisions on the hardscape and plantings we thought it would be wise to pick the final color of the house. We will be painting the entire house. The roof will be staying so we will need to make sure our color selection really works with and doesn't highlight the red roof anymore.


  • What exterior color would your recommend for main and trim of house?
  • Would a light gray and white trim work? Or should we go more in the taupe family?
  • What could we accent the front door with to make it more inviting?

I've suggested ideas for another reader's house (link):

Cottage Color

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

The beige and brown colors you have now are lovely, and harmonize well with the red roof and the brick trim. Because of the brick and the roof, your house seems to want to be an earthen color—Brown, beige, or taupe. To highlight your door, consider a contrasting earth color such as olive.

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