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Colors for a Raised Ranch

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By jf

Colors for a Raised Ranch

Raised Ranch: Seeking paint color advice

My House:

We recently purchased a 1964 split level ranch.

My Project:

I would like ideas for paint colors (main color and trim). Also, should we look into removing (sand blasting, etc.) the painted brick on the lower half of the house, or paint the house all one color (trim aside)?


  • Paint colors
  • Ways to enhance curb appeal

I've suggested ideas for another reader's house (link):

Trim Colors for a Brick House

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

The colors you have right now are lovely, and the blue and white harmonize nicely with your gray roof. However, if you'd like to change the color scheme, you might consider earth tones to blend with your landscape.

Stripping paint of brick is a messy and expensive job, and can be damaging to the brick. I would keep the brick painted. You may opt to paint the entire house a single color, or choose two colors (one for the trim and one for the brick). Either way, you can add oomph by painting the door a completely different color such as red or black. See:

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