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Dreaming of a Green Home

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By Louin Green

Dreaming of a Green Home

Dream Green House

Dreaming of a Green Home

Floor Plan of the Green House. Click the picture for a larger view.

About My Dream House

This will have three bedrooms an office, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bath rooms, and have two floors plus a basement. It will also be completely green with few exceptions. Because of that, this house will be very affordable.

What I Love About This House

I love that this house is green and is affordable for a family. This is the king of all family houses. Families will be able to have room, they will be able to move around without getting on each others nerves.

Tips and Tricks

  • I learned that making a house green is very challenging and rewarding.
  • I also know that making a family-convenient home means making room so that the people can move around. You must always make your customers happy.

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