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Dream Home in a Small Town

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By Cee

Dream Home in a Small Town

Inside My Dream House

About My Dream House

My house will be in some place far from the city crowds. It would be in a small city with population less than 15,000 people. And the city would have only two seasons, either rain or cold. There would be a mountain view filled with greeny or yellowish trees. The city would have its own legends and traditions.

And the house itself is a medium-sized, made from wood, and equipped with a stone fireplace and lots of windows. There's also a wooden deck to enjoy the scenery. There's a lake or river nearby. You can reach it by foot, and the distances between neighbors is very far.

I was thinking about Port Angeles.

What I Love About This House

I can find some peacefulness here. With a population less than 15,000, we can know each other better.

When cold weather comes, I can arrange some holiday trips to a perfect beach, but I don't have to struggle with hot weather all the time.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to find a place where you can be comfortable.

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