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Modular and Manufactured Homes

Reader Submissions: Dream Houses


Imagine if you could have any house you wanted. Money is no object. You can place the house anywhere in the world (or off it) and you can build the house from any materials you wish. What would that house look like? Follow these links to see the amazing houses submitted by our readers. Then send us a drawing, sketch, or computer rendering of your own dream house.

A Lighthouse Home

I love the style--a feeling of a castle/lighthouse blend..This house is built on a solid stone stilts. In the middle I would place a parking area (drive-through - that will give parking under the lig…More

Cliff-Top Dream House

There is plenty of room for guests for long term stays, large dining and living areas for fun get-to-gethers yet there are also many small "sanctuary type areas" where one can be alone. The owner's s…More

Home With Jharokhas

It will fulfill my wish of pondering over things with the help of nature's beauty, it would be between the city -- being a part of urbanism and yet have an internal courtyard or internal light within…More

Desert Dream Home

I'd also like it to look similar to a house that is likely to be found in a desert, preferably an American desert. Also, I don't want the house or anything in it to be too expensive or fancy, I'd pre…More

A Cozy Wooden Home With a Balcony

It's something me and my mom always have talked about!! Me and my boyfriend love a frame houses!!! Good family home. I'd like to have spiral stairs also!! It's something I've always wanted. I really …More

Home for the Goths

It is in Whitby, North Yorkshire, where the Goths all go. It is a dream I one day hope to live. The house is a dream that may not be completely able to come true, however the destination and some of …More

House for a Small Lot

With almost no big land available in my city and land value increasing and making it impossible for middle class family to afford, my small project fulfills a family's needs.The ground floor consists…More

An Ideal Cape Cod

My dream house is special because it has a real fireplace where we can sit and look out the woods through the windows. Yet it is walking distance to King of Prussia Mall - no driving! It has lots of …More

Dreaming of a Green Home

I love that this house is green and is affordable for a family. This is the king of all family houses. Families will be able to have room, they will be able to move around without getting on each oth…More

Dream Home in a Small Town

I can find some peacefulness here. With a population less than 15,000, we can know each other better.When cold weather comes, I can arrange some holiday trips to a perfect beach, but I don't have to …More

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