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Cape Cod House With Added Gables

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By Larissa Bashfvili

Cape Cod House With Added Gables

Sorry, I forgot the shovel

About My House

Our Cape Cod is located in upper New York State. Our records indicate that it was built in 1929. It is a typical one-story colonial Cape Cod or not quite...

Cape Cod Features

What I love about our little Cape Cod is that it is an unusual Cape Cod. It is asymmetric with its gables on the left and its dormer on the right. The entrance is not in the middle. We decided to make it a little more fancy with retractable red awnings. Note the white border detail along the edges. We picked up the same detail along the window trims and along the three gables. The entrance is also framed with red. We're in the process of picking shutters for the four front windows to give it a bit more of a European flair. Red will be the color. Thinking of replacing the stair railing, too.

Lessons Learned

  • It is fun to add details to a Cape Cod to make it original
  • It may be a good idea to plan a color scheme

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