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Modular and Manufactured Homes

Reader Submissions: Architecture Books


Visitors to our architecture site are a remarkable group. Some have written fascinating books about architecture and home design. Browse these pages for a sampling of their work. Have you also published a book? Tell us all about it!


'Every once in a while, along comes some visionist who sees the world in illustrious ways. We tend to depict the future in the more mainstream concept of nocturnalism, armageddon, and a pessimistic v…More

Living in History

In the Medieval and Early Tudor period:This spectacular timber-framed house is known as a Wealden Hall house. Believed to have been built in 1493, the exterior retains much of its original structure …More

The Healthier Healthy Household

From Chapter 4: HVACDAF(C)- Redefining the System Approach: The Heart and Lungs of the HomeDid you know that (H) Heating is the only part of this title that is required in every home according to mos…More

Perfect Architect, a Novel Set in the World of Starchitects

“But the excitement, the real excitement about architecture comes from seeing this nothingness change… an empty space transformed, maybe a habitat emerging there, a little oriental tearoo…More

"Made to Order," by Campion Platt

Campion Platt’s style is based in his comprehensive approach that includes architecture, interior design, and furniture-making. Above all, Platt’s work is bespoke: every project, at multi…More

3D Creative Thinking 1: Lines

"After thirty years of teaching art and interior design, I realized that I needed to share my experiences with colleagues and students from all design disciplines with a non-traditional text that mo…More

Prefabulous + Sustainable

Over the years, as the author of several books on home construction, I've explored many of the ways that people build. Nothing, though, impresses me more than the amazing evolution of prefabrication.…More

Handbook of Detailing

"The inability to detail is a fatal flaw in successfully producing the project as conceived, designed, approved and desired.""It is totally fallacious, most inappropriate, highly misleading, and a th…More

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