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Kansas Farm House

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By Amy Robinson

Kansas Farm House

Our Ashland, Kansas 1906 house. Click the photo for a larger view.

About My Old House

Our house was built in 1906. It has 9-foot high ceilings. The remaining original woodwork has 10-inch floor moldings downstairs and 8-inch floor moldings upstairs.The doors have five raised panels. The doorknob hardware has oval or round metal knobs set on an oval plate with small raised beading around the edge.

The staircase is behind a door with a glass light at the top. There is no banister and no railing exposed on the first floor. There are three pie-wedge shaped steps at the bottom. The bathroom and the upstairs hall both have built-in cabinets.

Favorite Details

Some favorite details are the original moldings and hardwood floors, the higher than normal (for now) ceilings, and the over-sized window casings and floor moldings. This was a simple farm house so it doesn't have any fancy structural details. I also like its large windows. For a house of that era, has a nice open floor plan. It has a wide opening between the living room and dining room.

Lessons Learned

There are plenty of products out there to help bring back the original character. Our house never had insulation.

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