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1967 Split Level Home

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1967 Split Level Home

THE House. Click the photo for a larger view.

About My Post-War House

According to the assessor's office, my home (which I just purchased in March of this year) was built in 1967 and it's located in the south suburbs of Chicago

The living area sq ft is 1,717. The garage is attached to the front of the house, which is brick.

There are 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor (the exterior of the 2nd floor is wood).

The living room/dining room and kitchen are on the main floor and there is a family room/laundry room on the lower.

I've been told it's a tri-level, style but I don't know.

Fun Features

I love the built-in stove top and oven. The ability to see into the family room from the kitchen and the openness of the living/dining rooms and the light that comes into the house from the living room windows.

Lessons Learned

I didn't realize there was a commercial train track that runs directly behind the house until the day I did the final walk-thru. I wrestled with this and resolved that since I still work, the fact that I would not be at home, it wouldn't be a problem and so far it hasn't been. I rarely hear it at night, but sometimes during the day on the weekends I can be startled by the whistle, but other than that my grandsons like to see the trains go by when they visit.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Your wonderful home is a variation on the split level Ranch style. The complicated shape of your house reminds me of this mid-century plan, which the developer called the Level III.

For more post-war houses, see Ranch House Plans for 1950s America.

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