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The "Jewel" of Murdock, Nebraska

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By Rebecca Maier

The "Jewel" of Murdock, Nebraska

The "Jewel" of Murdock, Nebraska. Click the photo for a larger view.

The "Jewel" of Murdock, Nebraska

Murdock, Nebraska Bungalow, side view. Click the photo for a larger view.

About My Bungalow

My awesome home is located in Murdock, Nebraska (pop 296). My husband and I purchased from the 3rd owner in 2005 and have been restoring it back to its glory. No remodel...just renovations. I do not know what year this was built in, but I believe the original builder of this home was August Wendt who traded a farm in Fullerton to Emil Kuehn for the home in Murdock. This was then purchased by Idd Hornbeck who was the depot master in for $3,000 for his new bride Elsie Bornemaier in 1942 and she lived her till her death and then we purchased.

Favorite Details

We love all the wonderful and original woodwork, the brick and pebble stucco on the outside and the way it sit so grand in the yard. The original detached garage is still standing also. It does have the original windows inside and out, and we are still in the process of scraping the years of paint off and restoring. I love the "piano" windows in the living room. I love EVERYTHING about our old home!!

Lessons Learned

  • Well.. be sure you want to actually restore an old home before purchasing..lol. We joke that I watched too much HGTV before buying.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

A wonderful, classic example of the American Bungalow style!

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